About Grupo Bennu

Grupo Bennu is the key partner for well renowned international brands across Latin America, operating directly more than 200 stores in 12 countries through franchise, wholesale and joint ventures business models. Retail is the core of our business, with an e-commerce channel in all countries the group has presence.
The group´s discipline comes from the extensive experience in partnerning with top notch internatinational brands looking to establish stores and operations in the Latin America Region. Grupo Bennu works in creating and implementing brands plan of action and executing roll out plans. 

Grupo Bennu's operations are divided into 3 segments : Retail, WholeSale & E-commerce. 


  • To provide an impeccable work environment for our team members.  
  • Huge enthusiasm and motivation to develop brand strategies.
  • Personal commitment and involvement to guarantee the success of the brands we represent in the region.
  • Create impeccable shop experiences for our customers. 

Our Vision

To be the leader for the development and expansion of retail and wholesale brands in Latin America.

Our values

Passion for our brands.



Team work.